The Courtney R. Wilson Memorial Fellowship

A dreamer of a just and equitable world for all

Courtney Wilson
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courtney and Nancy

This fellowship is dedicated to the memory of Courtney Wilson, a talented and passionate environmental scientist and educator whose star shone brightly and was diminished far too early. Courtney overcame dyslexia to excel and take great joy in learning and teaching.

As an undergraduate and in her early career, she traveled around the world working on environmental projects, participating in conferences, and collaborating on curriculum development. In her work with teachers, there was never a technical glitch she couldn’t troubleshoot or a complicated concept she couldn’t find a way to make understandable.

Perhaps most importantly, Courtney’s determination to build a better future inspired all who crossed her path. She called herself “a dreamer of a just and equitable world for all.” We dedicate this scholarship to enabling teachers and their students to pursue their own passion for making the world a better place.


“Traveling into the heart of the Amazon made me realize just how much is at stake. There are so many stakeholders from the local farmer, logger, rancher, local government officials, concerned indigenous community members, environmental organizations, world citizens and countless other individuals. Basically, if you live on planet Earth, you are a stakeholder and you are affected by decisions made in every corner of the world.”

- Courtney, after an internship in the Amazon

The Courtney R. Wilson Fellowship covers the Educator Academy program fee and a significant portion of the in-country costs for participation in the Educator Academy in the Amazon.

I am grateful beyond words to have had the opportunity to learn from Courtney first hand, and recently I was gifted with a Courtney Wilson Memorial scholarship to participate in the Educator Academy of the Amazon in her memory.  Both were life changing experiences!  Her contagious enthusiasm, inspiring work ethic, and eagerness to support impactful curriculum development are attributes that the Morpho Institute embodies wonderfully!    If you’re looking for rich professional growth and inspiration that will lead you to engage students in the study of local and global environmental issues in amazing ways, please don’t miss this incredible opportunity! 

- Michelle Watkins, 2017 Fellow