Rainforest Workshops for Students

For nearly 25 years our experiential field programs in the Peruvian Amazon have offered students a rich, engaging, and exciting immersion into the world of tropical ecology, indigenous culture, sustainable development, field research, and service learning.   Together with our logistics partner, EcoTeach,  we craft exceptional field experiences tied to each school’s unique mission and educational objectives.




Established by a teacher in 1994, EcoTeach is an educational travel leader committed to hands-on conservation work, authentic cultural exchange and real-world experiences.

EcoTeach, Inc. handles the logistics of our workshop programs, including payments, airfare, insurance, and risk management. Together we work closely with teacher leaders and their school administrators to ensure that all programming, safety and risk questions and concerns are thoroughly addressed.


Sierra High School:  Colorado Springs, CO

A month ago, 16-year-old Sophia Walton had never left the country. Now, she can describe the sound of pink river dolphins splashing in Amazonian waters, the view from high atop the rainforest canopy, and what it feels like to be face-to-face with members of South America's indigenous tribes...

Walton was one of 10 Sierra High School students who returned in mid-July from a 10-day trip to Peru, where she and her classmates experienced the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest while conducting research.

"It was a one-in-a-million kind of thing," said Walton.

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Rainforest Adventure, Biodiversity & Culture
Explore Amazon biodiversity, indigenous cultures and spend a day of service in an Amazon village. Ideal for winter term and spring break travel. (9 day itinerary)


Rainforest Biodiversity, Culture & Citizen Science Research Includes a full day of citizen science research at Amazon Conservatory of Tropical Studies and workshops with our Amazon faculty and research scientists. Ideal for summer travel (June/July) when our faculty and scientists are in the field. (10 day itinerary)

Field Study

Rainforest Field Research, Biodiversity & Culture.  Participants have unparalleled access to all levels of the rainforest – including the rainforest canopy – from one of the world’s most extensive canopy walkways. This course incorporates cultural exchange and service learning and provides cross-curricular learning experiences designed to deepen understanding of global environmental issues. Ideal AP and Honors Environmental Science and Biology students, International Baccalaureate students and undergraduate study programs.

What teachers and students have to say...

"Everyone was excited and engaged in whatever we were doing which really pushed each group member to get the most out of the experience."  Student Participant, Gunston School

"Everything we did was exhilarating! Whether it pushed me out of my comfort zone or not, I enjoyed everything about this trip and all of the well thought out workshops that we participated in."  Student Participant,  The Field School

"An Amazon Rainforest Workshops is an eye-opening program for students and teachers. Our students had cultural and science-based experiences that most people will never have in a lifetime. The whole program is interesting, inspirational, and so organized and thought out."  Teacher Leader,  Sidwell Friends School

"It was educational and enjoyable made more so by the excellent arrangements. I got first hand lessons in physical geography, ecology, botany, zoology, and cultural anthropology in a real-life classroom." Student Participant, St. Peter’s University