Resources from the Science Museum of Minnesota

Extinction is Forever:  Using graphic models of forests with low biological diversity and high biological diversity, students compare habitat destruction and extinction rates in each type of forest.

Going, Going...:  By marking a graphic model of rainforest loss, students will be able to represent the extent and rate of rainforest destruction.

Rainforest in a Bottle:  Students identify the interactions of light, water, air, soil, and life after experimenting with soda bottle terrariums they design.

The Shape of Things:  After conducting simple experiments with construction paper models, students will be able to compare and contrast how leaf shapes affect plant survival.

Tropical Dilemmas:  Through a focused discussion of rainforest issues, students will identify conflicting values involved in Tropical Dilemmas and decide what action to take or create alternative solutions.


A special thanks to the Science Museum of Minnesota for granting the Morpho Institute the right to reproduce these wonderful activities from their Tropical Rainforest:  An Activity Guide for Teachers publication.  Originally a companion guide to the IMAX film, Tropical Rainforest, this activity guide was made possible by the John D. and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation and the National Science Foundation.