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Sustainability and Conservation Resource Guides

Using the Indigenous Maijuna's Amazon conservation story as a case study, our goal is to develop curriculum resources to engage K-12 students in grappling with complex real-world issues related to resource use, human rights, and conservation needs. 

(Updated 3.10.21)

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Examining Landscape Change

Students explore land use and land cover change at hotspots around the world, view satellite images to investigate deforestation in the Amazon, and use Google Earth to explore change over time in their home communities.

Treasuring the Amazon

Students become familiar with the value of the Amazon in supporting a vast diversity of species and an array of indigenous groups who have lived sustainably in the rainforest for thousands of years.

Investigating Ecosystem Services

Students explore the influence of the Amazon rainforest on global weather patterns, water cycling, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity and consider the impacts of deforestation.

Aiming for Sustainability, in the Amazon and at Home

Students explore the “Triple Bottom Line” as a way of thinking about sustainability – balancing the need to protect the natural environment while ensuring economic vitality and healthy communities.

Calculating Ecological Footprints

Students experience the tragedy of the commons, then calculate their ecological and/or carbon footprints and consider ways in which they might be able to modify their lifestyles in order to have a smaller impact on the planet.

 Exploring Food Choices

Students compare their day-to-day diets with those of people living in a relatively self-sufficient community in the Amazon rainforest. They consider ways to reduce the environmental footprint of American food choices.

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