Registration for our summer field programs opens annually on September 15th. 

Space is limited and programs fill quickly.  Scholarships Available.

Why travel all the way to the Amazon for PD?

Because spending time deep in the rainforest, immersed in a new environment and way of life, changes the way teachers think about themselves and their teaching. The Amazon serves as teacher, mentor, and guide – equipping educators to return to their classrooms with new perspectives on how to help their students make sense of their world.

Learning in the Ama­zon favors inquiry, personal discovery, and the ability to ask good questions. It requires a holistic, multi-disciplinary lens to understand its complex past, present, and future. Its pres­ervation calls for local engagement and global collaboration.

Heading home following an intense period of ecological and cultural explorations with colleagues, scientific experts, and dedicated local guides, participants find their heads constructively spinning with exciting new ideas about teaching and learning.