PocketLab in the Amazon

One of the goals of the Morpho Institute is to offer teachers an opportunity to "expand their professional toolkit for inquiry-based science."  What better way to accomplish this goal than to give teachers cutting-edge technology, capable of collecting several different types of environmental data, and then providing them a chance to safely explore the canopy layers in the Amazon Rainforest during our annual Educator Academy in the Amazon?

Thanks to our partner, PocketLab, we were able to put their cutting-edge technology to the test in the mighty Amazon rainforest!  Their Air sensors performed beautifully and we are excited to do even more with these powerful tools in future field programs!

Hear from our 2022 PocketLab field-test teachers

Inquiry in the Amazon
Investigating Rainforest Layers

The Morpho Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit. You can support our work as a donor or a sponsor and provide more teachers with the opportunity to join us in the Amazon!

The Morpho Institute & PocketLab = Making Global to Local Inquiry Possible

BIG THANKS to James Parker of Synchronous Pictures for capturing our work in the Amazon so beautifully and to the production team at PocketLab for creating these video vignettes to share the story of our partnership.