Our Mission

Amazon Conservation Through Education

The Morpho Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Our vision is a world in which the Amazon – its forests, rivers, biodiversity, and people –  is treasured and protected as a vital global resource for generations to come. 

The mission of the Morpho Institute is to support the key role of education in realizing the global goal of Amazon conservation and sustainability.  To achieve this goal, The Morpho Institute provides professional development programs and curriculum resources which support local to global environmental stewardship in K-12 instruction.

In collaboration with US and international partners, The Morpho Institute provides US educators the opportunity to experience the Amazon rainforest as a compelling context for developing a global perspective on biological and cultural resources, participating in conservation, exploring sustainability, and inspiring environmental stewardship.  Our field workshops and resources apply key elements of inquiry, STEM, and placed-based learning to assist educators in making these critical local to global connections in their classrooms, instruction, and curricula.

Our core values reflect our commitment to: 

Inquiry & Curiosity 

Wonder & Awe 

Good Science & Best Practices 

Collaboration & Connection 

Inclusion & Respect 

Sustainability & Stewardship