Morpho Institute Upcoming Events

World Rainforest Day Education Panel Discussion

SAVE THE DATE!  We are hosting the Education Panel Discussion for World Rainforest Day.  We'll be talking about Education FOR the Rainforest and IN the rainforest with organizations from North, Central, and South America.  Details coming soon.

Educator Academy in the Amazon

During this 10-day professional development program, teachers will be immersed in the Peruvian Amazon, learning about this key global ecosystem while building their ability to engage students in scientific research, cross-cultural connections, and community-based conservation initiatives.  Skilled Peruvian guides lead natural history exploration – in small boats, along trails, and on one of the world’s…

Pilot: Amazon Research Initiative For Educators

During this research experience, teachers will examine the broad theme of “Biodiversity in the Changing World through Time and Space” by participating in Morpho Institute’s ongoing research projects in the Peruvian Amazon. Teachers will learn key scientific methodologies, such as plant phenology monitoring, animal behavior observations, citizen science protocols, basic statistical analysis, and science communication.…