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June 22 World Rainforest Day Panel Discussion & Networking Event


Is Amazon conservation part of your curriculum? Is education part of your Amazon conservation plan? If not, would you like it to be?  How can we work together to harness the power of education to inspire the next generation of rainforest defenders? Join Dr. Kelly Keena, President of the Morpho Institute for our featured panel discussion on World Rainforest…


Meet the Pink River Dolphins of the Amazon with Dr. Marie Trone

Thursday, May 5th at 8PM Eastern REGISTER HERE Why Be Normal? The Twisted, Mutant, Pink Dolphins of the Amazon with Dr. Marie Trone, Professor of Biology at Valencia College. Join Dr. Marie Trone for an engaging look at the most unique member of the dolphin family  - the amazing Amazon River dolphin (Inia goeffrensis). This…

Can a Nature Informed Model Improve and Transform Schools? with Dr. Lisa Kensler

Zoom Meeting

Thursday, April 7th at 8PM Eastern REGISTER HERE Lessons from nature have the potential to inform every aspect of schooling from leadership to curriculum to building design and maintenance. As educators are embracing these opportunities (and they are!), students, communities, and planet Earth all benefit.  Join us for a very special evening with Dr. Lisa…