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Why include the Amazon in your instruction?

No matter what you teach, from elementary through high school, the Amazon rainforest can serve as a compelling hook to draw your students into the joy of learning about nature, cultures, science, and history. It also is a crucially important topic. The Amazon hosts more than 10 per cent of the planet’s known biodiversity, with new species still being discovered at the rate of one every three days. Its rivers and tributaries account for more than 15 per cent of the world’s fresh water, and its forests store more than 90 billion metric tons of carbon.

To say that the Amazon is a critical global resource is simply an understatement. The Amazon also serves as home for people who have lived deep in the rainforest for many generations, with ways of life vastly different from our own. What we learn from them can enrich our own lives and help us to live in more sustainable ways on planet Earth.

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