Conservation Education

We all need the Amazon

No matter where we live, our lives depend on continued existence and wellbeing of the Amazon rainforest. Although seemingly far removed from our daily lives, the rainforest provides essential foods, medicines, and other resources, and it plays key roles in regulating climate, weather patterns, and water cycling throughout the planet.

But the Amazon is in peril, continually threatened by logging, mining, oil extraction, and highway development. One of the best lines of defense lies with people who live deep in the rainforest and care deeply about maintaining their close-to-the-land lifestyles for generations to come. We are supporting their efforts with these three types of initiatives:

with Tualatin Valley Academy

Providing binoculars so that children in remote Amazonian villages can investigate and appreciate their local birds

Camera Traps

Monitoring the success of community-based wildlife conservation practices, gathering imagery for analysis by students and scientists in Peru and around the world

Maijuna Community Partnership

Collaborating with a small indigenous group that is working to restore and protect rainforest resources for generations to come.