The Morpho Institute Is Taking Climate Action!

Nurturing the Power of Collective Action to Protect the Amazon Rainforest
and Mitigate Global Climate Change

Protecting the Amazon is critical to our planet's climate stability.

Serving as one of Earth's largest reservoirs of carbon dioxide (CO2), the Amazon rainforest holds huge amounts of carbon in biomass and soil. But deforestation is rapidly reducing this capacity, leading the Amazon to a potential tipping point at which it releases more carbon than it absorbs.  Given the scope of this problem, it may be tempting to decide that our actions cannot possibly make a difference.

But giving up is not an option.

So what can we do?


Each of us can create ripples when we take effective actions that spread to others around us and grow into impacts that can lead to meaningful change.

Here at the Morpho Institute, we provide professional development and curriculum resources that inspire, empower, and engage teachers and students as environmentally responsible global citizens.

Our Climate Action Plan includes offsetting our travel to the Peruvian Amazon. We are partnering with OnePlanet and the Indigenous Maijuna to support their urgent fight to protect the sanctity of a large tract of primary rainforest representing their ancestral homeland.  We are dedicating a portion of our programming fees to support this critical work and keep this important carbon sink intact.


Use the links below to learn more and join us!

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