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From Local to Global

Calculating and Appreciating the value of trees and forests

Dr. Nancy Trautmann, Laura Branch, Rebecca Wingerden, Michelle Wakins, Janet Ort, and Kelsey Deal.  (The Science Teacher—May/June 2021, Volume 88, Issue 5)

Maijuna Community Leader

The Maijuna: Fighting for Survival in the Peruvian Amazon

The Maijuna and similar indigenous cultures deserve the right to survive, and
human life throughout the planet depends on granting them the right to do so.

Dr. Nancy Trautmann & Dr. Michael Gilmore, Arcadia (Autumn 2019), no. 46.


Educating as if Survival Matters

Every child needs to grow up caring about how to live sustainably on our planet. 

Dr. Nancy Trautmann & Dr. Michael Gilmore, BioScience, May 2018 / Vol. 68 No. 5

Morpho Institute at the ACTS canopy walkway

Think Locally, Explore Globally

An exploration in the Amazon gives teachers deeper global and local connections

Green Teacher, Issue 110, 2016

Morpho Institute dart frog

Science, Sustainability, and Stewardship

Field Work in the Amazon

Jessica Kagle, Grade 8 Science Teacher and Director of Kestrel Educational Adventures

ICS Field Course (Taft School, 2018)

In the Heart of the Amazon

Inquiry, Conservation and Sustainabilty Field Course for Independent Schools

The Taft School, 2018


Inspiring Inquiry Through Immersive Experiences in the Amazon Rainforest

Inquiry, Conservation, and Sustainability Field Course for Independent Schools

Asheville School, 2018

amazon binocular project

The Amazon Binocular Project

Amazon Conservation Education in Action

Phil Kahler, ABP project coordinator, 2018