Amazon Research Initiative for Educators

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July 11-21, 2023 (door to door)

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Peruvian Amazon


You will arrange your own flight.

Program Theme:  Biodiversity in a changing world - An investigation through time and space 

Program Syllabus:  Coming soon!

Program Overview:  Join Morpho research scientists and faculty to dig deep into how biodiversity responds to a changing world. In this ten-day research crash course, you will design research questions and contribute to long-term Morpho Institute research initiatives. Check out how climate change impacts biodiversity, how living things respond to changes in environments, and how animals and plants cope with habitat fragmentation and succession. Be part of the team that defines the future of teacher research in the Amazon with the Morpho Institute! 

Participants will: 

  • Design scientific inquiries in the Amazon to examine the theme of change in ecological systems. 
  • Contribute to the long-term monitoring of the Napo-Sucusari Biological Reserve, with the support of Morpho Institute’s Director of Scientific Research (Dr. Lindsey Swierk) and Director of Conservation Engagement (Dr. Katie Feilen)
  • Connect inquiry and research to classroom instruction, curriculum development, and a better understanding of the process of science
  • Learn key ecological methodology including question development, method selection, field skills (plant phenology monitoring, animal surveying, ethograms), citizen science protocols, basic statistics, and science communication. 

I left the Amazon with a deep sense of being a global citizen and am grateful for the reminder of the similarities we share with humans around the globe. I feel challenged to make conscious choices that preserve our earth and fellow humans.  I have been inspired to help my students experience a sense of place in our home. At the most basic level, I was reminded how powerful an experience can be, and this has rejuvenated my passion for facilitating experiences for our students.” 

– Laura Lawrence, Asheville School, NC 

“This has been the best professional development program I have ever participated in.  With quality staff presentations, shared experiences, hands-on activities, long term online resources, and the camaraderie of our group members, I am confident I will be able to share what I have learned with my students. Further more I feel that I have what I need to continue to learn.”

– Phil Kahler, Tualatin Valley Academy, Forest Grove, OR

"My head is still spinning from my trip to the Peruvian Amazon! So many take-home lessons! I got an up-close look at what conservation looks like today, in real time; was immersed in a beautiful culture very different from my own; gained more tools for my toolbox to use in teaching my students (such as the use of participatory mapping, scientific modeling, etc.); and had an incredible shared experience with passionate, talented educators and students from other independent schools. My hope is that hundreds of more educators and students can experience this for themselves!"

- Mike Hill, PhD, Asheville School, NC

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The Morpho Institute professional development field workshops are produced by a team of committed people who work together to make this a life experience for every traveler.

With questions about the educational program, syllabus, and experience in Peru contact:
Christa Dillabaugh, Director, The Morpho Institute
Email or Phone:  (913) 214-6126