The Amazon Binocular Project

Help promote bird education in Amazon classrooms!

In partnership with the Peruvian nonprofit, CONAPAC and the Club de Avistadores de Aves de Loreto,  we are working with local bird guides and Peruvian teachers to introduce children in small Amazonian villages to the wonder of their local birds and the need to protect their rainforest habitats.   With support from North American teachers and our generous donors, we are putting binoculars into the hands of students and teachers living along the Amazon and Napo rivers in Northeastern Peru.  We aim to supply teachers and students with the tools and resources they need to explore and appreciate birds.  Conservation through education is our goal.


How to Help

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Your generous gift will allow us to expand the Amazon Binocular Project, support conservation education in the Amazon, and put binoculars in the hands of Amazon teachers and students.

The Amazon Binocular Project Story

Lucio's Legacy

Our dear friend Lucio Pando - pictured on the right, was an extraordinary bird guide who was the inspiration for establishing the Amazon Binocular Project. His gentle spirit, infectious laugh, un-ending patience, and incredible birding skills are sorely missed. The Amazon Binocular Project aims to preserve Lucio’s legacy through the creation of new resource materials for Amazon classrooms that will tell his story and inspire the next generation of Amazon birders.

Lucio, may you soar with the Harpy Eagles.  Lucio Pando (1956-2016).

In memory of Lucio Pando (1956-2016)

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