PocketLabs put to the test in the Amazon

Field Notes From the Amazon

by Rebecca Wingerden, Morpho Institute Teacher Leader

When I first learned of PocketLab and the sensors they were building, at the 2019 California Science Educators Conference, I remember thinking: How could we get the PocketLab sensor in the hands of Educator Academy teachers in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest?  

One of the goals of the Educator Academy in the Amazon is to offer teachers an opportunity to “expand their professional toolkit for inquiry-based science.” What better way to accomplish this goal than to give teachers a PocketLab sensor, capable of collecting several different types of environmental data, and then providing them a chance to safely explore the canopy layers in the Amazon Rainforest? 

Luckily PocketLab felt the same way and partnered with The Morpho Institute to bring the Air to the Amazon.  Having the PocketLab Air sensor in the hands of Educator Academy teachers last summer was amazing to watch.

The questions the teachers generated about the rainforest ecosystem and the creative ways they pursued answers to those questions was exemplary inquiry-based science, in action!

Check out the videos below to see PocketLab sensors in action in the Amazon and hear directly from the educators who field-tested them during the 2022 Educator Academy in the Amazon.

A big thank you to the PocketLab video team for taking footage captured by our friend James Parker at Synchronous Pictures and turning this raw material into these amazing stories!

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