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Field Notes From the Amazon

Black Lives Matter. Black Voices Matter.

Dear Morpho Community,
The past few months we’ve weathered the heart-wrenching news of loved ones lost to a global virus disproportionately affecting Communities of Color in the U.S. and our friends in Iquitos, Peru. In the past few weeks we’ve grappled with outrage at the brutal murders of innocent Black lives – Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, then David McAtee, and countless others before them.  We witnessed deeply embedded systemic racism surface when birder Christian Cooper was confronted by a woman threatening him with the police.  And on, and on, it goes…this deep history of racial oppression, violence, injustice. 
We don’t have words to add. We do have firm commitment to listen, learn, collaborate, and act. With education and conservation partners in the U.S. and Peru, we continue to dedicate our attention toward building a more equitable, just, and sustainable future in which brutality and repression are replaced with a system that values compassion and care.
We are committed to learning and acting together.  Below are a few resources that we are digging into to learn more.  Please join us in this journey.  
In solidarity,

Kelly Keena, Nancy Trautmann, and Christa Dillabaugh

Morpho Institute Board of Directors

Web Resources


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